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Causes Of Water Damage And How To Expedite The Cleanup

water damage cleanup las vegas, water damage restoration las vegas, water damage repair las vegasThroughout the United States, winter is known to bring in cooler temperatures, as well as increased precipitation. However, in the Las Vegas area, water damage doesn’t usually come by means of weather. Occasionally, certain areas will reach freezing temperatures, although rare. We’ll focus more on how to prevent water damage on a more localized scale. Whether you experience water damage from weather or a leaky pipe, be rest assured there are always water damage cleanup professionals, like those at ERX, ready to help!

Water Damage Cleanup In Las Vegas

Causes Of Water Damage:

  • Garbage disposals- garbage disposals are some of the expert culprits of water damage. They’re located in a dark, quiet, secluded place, seldom looked upon.  It’s common that leaky garbage disposals are not discovered until a putrid smell is detected (from the rotting food water slowly dripping and seeping into the wood below), or someone happens to scrounge around for a new sponge or a cleaning product and discovers the damp landscape of the cabinet under the sink. 
  • Washing machine-it’s uncommon that a week goes by without running the washing machine. Due to the frequent use, hoses get old, screws come loose, and leaking commences. 
  • Dishwasher-Like the washing machine, the dishwasher uses a lot of water, and frequently. Leaks are prone to happen every once in a while. 
  • Pipes-Although freezing temperatures are not as common in sunny Nevada, they can be a catalyst to a pipe burst. Water expands as it freezes, bursts the pipe, and flows freely. Pipes can become old and corroded, which also results in a leaky pipe. 

How To Detect Water Damage, And Begin The Cleanup Process:

The most common signs of water damage are as follows:

  • Warping
  • Dampness
  • Musty/ or other strange smell
  • Mold
  • Discoloration

When any of these signs are spotted, it is important to ACT IMMEDIATELY. Refrain from trying to clean up the water mess by yourself. Although it may seem as easy as placing a few old towels, mopping up the mess, and letting it dry (whether it be with a fan or the air in the home), IT’S NOT! The majority of materials that surround us in this world absorb water. The most devastating water damage is often discovered long after the surface water damage is. The undetected water leftover from attempting self’ damage cleanup has the potential to spur mold growth, causing respiratory affecting spores to circulate the area, as well as cause structural damage to the building. This puts your family and others at risk. 

Preventing Water Damage:

Fortunately, preventing water damage isn’t rocket science. It simply involves checking around periodically (washing machine hoses, around garbage disposal, etc.) and keeping up with general home and building maintenance. Let it be emphasized again: Do NOT attempt to clean up water damage on your own! Contact the water damage cleanup professionals, such as those at ERX to handle water damage cleanup safely and thoroughly for you. These professionals have the appropriate equipment and expertise to guide you through the water damage cleanup process. This involves special technology, fast action, and years of experience.

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