Repair – Reconstruction

Water’s Gone – Fire’s Out:  What’s Next?

A lot of “Restoration” companies focus only on the drying-out or the cleanup of a loss incident.  But not Emergency Restoration Experts!

We Are A Full-Service Restoration Company

Once all of the water is removed and your home or business is completely dry, or after your structure is “mold free”, or even after all of the fire or smoke is gone – Emergency Restoration Experts will return your home or business back to how it was BEFORE the mess happened.

Expert Craftsmen On The Team

We have some of the best re-construction artists in the Las Vegas region who work with us here at Emergency Restoration Experts.  From replacing drywall, painting, finish work, cabinets and more.  We’ll help you all the way to completion.

kitchen remodel


kitchen remodel











One Call – One Contractor

Every step of the way, Emergency Restoration Experts is there to help return your life back normal.  When you call us, you don’t have to worry about finding any other contractors to do different parts of the job.  We’ll take care of it ALL which is a great benefit to you knowing that there’s only one company to be the answer to all of your challenges.

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