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Sewer Damage Cleanup Las VegasA sewage emergency is not only a messy situation, but due to the potential health risks, sewage cleanup usually requires the expertise of a trained professional. ERX Emergency Restoration Experts can respond to any sewage emergency, quickly and effectively reducing the health risk to your family and the risk to the environment.

Sewage damage most often occurs when sewage lines flow back into your home, exposing your family to numerous harmful bacteria and microorganisms that may be present in sewage waste. Sewage waste should be handled with extreme caution to protect yourself and your family from being exposed to any of these harmful organisms.

ERX Emergency Restoration will ensure your home is safe after sewage damage, eliminating any microorganisms that may be present as well as eliminating the risk for mold and bacteria growth. Odor is another concern with sewage damage, and we help with that, too.

Proper restoration after a sewage emergency will ensure your home is safe and free of harmful bacteria and mold and clean. After ERX Emergency Restoration Experts has completed the cleanup and restoration of your home, it will be returned to it’s original state before the damage occurred.

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