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A broken or leaking pipe or worse – a flash flood can cause serious damage to your home or business.  And when it comes to water damage cleanup in the Las Vegas area – NO ONE does it better than the experts at ERX Emergency Restoration.  We specialize in helping to minimize the amount of damage caused to your home, business, and personal belongings after a water damage disaster.

A quick response to any water damage cleanup emergency is critical in reducing the extent of the damage.  Prolonged water exposure can lead to damaged drywall, rot, mold growth, and other avoidable problems. Quickly getting to the source, removing any standing water, and thoroughly drying out the structure will help decrease repair time and contain the damage. That’s why the ERX Emergency Restoration team of experts is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week standing by to respond to your emergency.

The ERX Team will respond quickly to your water damage cleanup emergency and will get to work drying your home, business, and/or belongings.  ERX Emergency Restoration uses the latest technology to remove water and to dry floors, walls, and ceilings, saving you both time and money while also saving your valuable belongings. Our technicians have extensive training in water removal and water damage cleanup and are available to assist you in any emergency – large or small.

Las Vegas Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Experts

water damage cleanup hendersonWe understand the stress and anxiety you are going thru.  We know you didn’t plan on the inconvenience of water being all over your home or business and ruining all of your precious things.  Our years of experience in dealing with water-damaged homes and businesses is your assurance that we know the ins and outs of water damage cleanup.  We’re here to take all the stress away and give you back your peace of mind.  So, don’t hesitate!  Call ERX Emergency Restoration before it’s too late!  (702) 830-9444.

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