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Four Reasons Why You Need Water Damage Cleanup Help

When not done properly, water damage cleanup in your Las Vegas home can have negative effects. In fact, if you have ever experienced water damage in your home and not had it repaired by professionals, you probably still have damage that you are unaware of. Water damage cleanup is more than just drying up water. […]

Causes Of Water Damage And How To Expedite The Cleanup

Throughout the United States, winter is known to bring in cooler temperatures, as well as increased precipitation. However, in the Las Vegas area, water damage doesn’t usually come by means of weather. Occasionally, certain areas will reach freezing temperatures, although rare. We’ll focus more on how to prevent water damage on a more localized scale. […]

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Cause And Solutions For Commercial Water Damage

Have you ever dreamt of going to the great Las Vegas just for vacation or possibly make a life there? Well, depending on wherever you go, water damage is always a possibility. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know there’s so many people. Well, there are 641,676 people that live there, and another […]

5 Most Common Causes Of Indoor Water Damage

Water is all around us; in our pipes, in the air, in the ground around the foundation of our homes, and running through our appliances. Consequently, our Las Vegas homes and property are at risk for sustaining water damage. We at ERX would like to introduce the five most common causes of indoor water damage: […]

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Las Vegas Water Damage: Dealing with Winter

Winters in Las Vegas tend to be on the soggy side. During these winter months, the humidity increases, and it becomes more important than ever to safeguard your home from a costly time-consuming water damage mess. This time of year can get quite hectic with the holidays and no one has time to deal with […]

Small Business Suffer From Expensive Water Damage

Water damages rank as the second most common property claim filed under commercial insurance policies on an annual basis. With an average claim approaching $20,000, you must properly handle your commercial property water damage claim from the outset. Standing water can ruin your equipment, your inventory, and your building. In addition, you should also calculate […]

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Repair your Water Damaged Ceiling in a few simple steps

Contrary to popular belief, leaky ceilings don’t just happen in movies. You may find yourself sitting down to breakfast on a rainy day in the beautiful city of Las Vegas and feeling a suspicious drip on your head. That can only mean one thing: Your ceiling is leaking! You’ve got quite the task ahead. Here […]

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