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Flooded road.

The Dangers of Flood Waters And Water Cleanup

It may come as a shock to learn that the impact of storms or severe rains could be just as, if not more, harmful than the storm itself. Homeowners who have never been through a huge flood may not realize how deadly floodwaters can be following a storm and the dangers they pose to your […]

Benefits Of Calling A Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

Besides getting the best results for your home, there are many other benefits that come with calling ERX when you need water damage restoration in Henderson. Here, let us point out just a few to you: Water Damage Restoration In Henderson Save you time: They say time is money, and you need both in order […]

Four Common Sources Of Water Damage And Ways To Restore Your Home

Water damage is a very common issue that can be caused by a large variety of different sources. In practice, however, most water damage incidents are caused by just a small number of water damage sources. Your best hopes of preventing water damage rest on focusing your efforts on preventing these few different causes of […]

Water Damage: The Common Culprits To Watch For To Avoid Cleanup

The ultimate way to take care of water damage is to prevent it from occurring. There isn’t one answer to ensuring this happens and there really isn’t a failsafe way to ensure that it never does. There are, however, certain little things we can do to help in preventing water damage from occurring in our […]

The Timeline For Water Damage Cleanup 

It is very important to get water damage cleaned up in your Henderson home as quickly as possible. Each water damage case should be treated as an emergency because the longer water sits, the more damage it causes. The following timeline shows just how much damage can occur in a limited time span, emphasizing how […]

Ceiling paint peeling, revealing water stains.

Signs You May Need Water Damage Restoration Services

Finding water damage in your Henderson home is very unsettling. What’s even worse? Not finding water damage until it has become a very serious problem. Oftentimes water can go unnoticed because the majority of the plumbing in our homes is located in areas we cannot see. When water leaks behind walls, in ceilings, and under […]

The Purpose Of Water Extraction For Damage And Restoration

When your home has suffered from a flood of water damage emergency, immediate water extraction is a must. Water extraction should be performed both quickly and professionally in order to reduce further damage or mold growth. For many homeowners, the distinctions between water extraction, water mitigation, and dehumidification aren’t critical. However, these simple tools can […]

Three Non-Frozen Ways You Can Suffer Winter Water Damage

As the rest of the nation has to shovel sidewalks, repair ice damage and contend with frozen pipes. While we gloat as we bask in the 60 degree days, we can still have winter water damage. Here are three places in your home that could fail in the next few months. If you ever suffer […]

Basement Water Damage Prevention And Restoration

As an adult, one of the biggest purchases you will have is your home. Your first home in Henderson is a very important step. You want to make it special, and make it your own. There are many things that are appealing to you in a home. The perfect paint, the right countertops, the sound […]

Water Damaged Furniture And Hope For Restoration

Water in your home is a disaster to the building materials: carpets, sheet rock, hardwood floors. Also, anything more than a sprinkling of clean water is too much water for your fine furniture. Even worse, any flood water or sewage backup will introduce contaminants into your home.  If not dried quickly, wet furniture can warp, […]

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