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Fire Damage: There Is More Than Meets The Eye

Fire damage encompasses all harm to a property resulting from a fire. It’s important to note that fire damage extends beyond direct burning; water used to extinguish the fire can also cause significant secondary damage. It is crucial to understand fire damage and differentiate between minor and major damage, as well as primary and secondary damage. The sooner a property owner chooses to clean up and repair the fire damage, the more cost-effective it will be for the owner. fire damage cleanup and repair henderson

Fire Damage in Henderson

As summers in Henderson continue to get hotter, the risk of wildfires continues to rise. The higher risk of wildfires in Henderson increases the risk of fire damage. Fire damage includes, but is not limited to, charring, smoke damage, and discoloration. Fire damage goes more profound than the listed; if hoses or sprinklers were used to subdue the fire, water becomes secondary damage. The cleanup would be a large part of the repair. If the water is not cleaned promptly, the floor and walls might warp, creating a perfect place for mold to fester. Ensuring the property is cleaned and repaired as soon and efficiently as possible is vital. 

Minor to Major Fire Damage

Minor fire damage includes yellowed or smoke-stained ceilings, walls, and floors. Soot and the odor of smoke might be concentrated in a specific area of the property. Any heat-sensitive materials might have warped or melted or need to be replaced due to the fire. Minor fire damage is relatively simple to clean up and repair, especially when taken care of quickly. Major fire damage signifies extensive structural compromise. Exposed framing, electrical malfunctions, and compromised gas lines indicate severe fire damage. These conditions mean that simple cleanup and repair are necessary. Water removal and electrical and gas services may also be required for total cleanup and restoration. 

Secondary Damage

Water damage is considered secondary damage to fire damage. There are two leading causes of water damage due to fire damage. First, using sprinklers or hoses to suppress the fire can flood the property and soak into the floors and drywall. Second, the flame heat can lead to pipe failures and cause them to burst. If the water damage is not cleaned up and repaired promptly, it can lead to poor indoor air quality, mold, structural damage, and failure. It is imperative to ensure the repair and cleanup of fire damage is taken care of efficiently to avoid potentially life-threatening issues.

The Peace of Mind With Professionals

Fire damage cleanup and repair are not limited to cleaning up, airing out a property, and replacing damaged items. It can also include problems that reside below the surface and can potentially compound existing issues. This can be difficult to take care of without professional help. If a property owner chooses to execute a cleanup and repair plan on their own for minor fire damage, they might not correctly air out the property or clean out all of the soot, which can eventually damage the lungs of any inhabitants. If they choose to execute their plan for major fire damage, they might be blind to potential secondary issues. This could lead to insufficient airing out the property, resulting in water damage and mold. This could also result in unresolved electrical issues or undetected gas leaks, compromising personal safety. A professional team would ensure each one of these issues is detected and taken care of in full.

There can be numerous overwhelming feelings while dealing with fire damage and any secondary damage that might come with it. To ensure that any fire damage cleanup and repair will be done right the first time, take advantage of the experts at ERX. We will ensure the property will be repaired immediately, easing any worries arising with fire damage cleanup and repair.

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