Dangers Of DIY Flood Cleanup

water cleanup hendersonDIY water damage cleanup can be more than just a drain on your time and resources. It can also become very dangerous in certain circumstances. Before taking up a water damage restoration job, it’s important that you be aware of these potential hazards. 

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From our water damage cleanup pros at ERX, here are four dangers of DIY flood cleanup to be aware of.

Health Hazards Of Water Damage

Water damage restoration involves a whole lot more than just soaking up some water. There are several very serious hazards that can come into play during the process. These include contaminated water, structural damage, mold damage, electrical problems, gas leaks, pest infestations, and more. While you may be equipped to handle some of these hazards, you never know what problem to expect next, and you can quickly find yourself in a dangerous position that you do not have the experience or equipment to deal with.

Lacking The Proper Equipment

Water damage cleanup is a resource-intensive process. To do it right, you need significant manpower and commercial-grade equipment. Trying to clean up a flood on your own is not impossible, but without these resources, it will be extremely difficult to remove all the water and repair all of the damage. Not to mention, it will take you significantly longer to clean up the mess than it would a team of trained water damage restoration professionals.

Fixing The Source Of The Flood

One advantage of working with a professional water damage restoration company is that along with repairing the damage, they will also be able to help you locate the source of the flood and identify possible solutions. On your own, it may be more difficult to locate the source and diagnose what must be done to prevent similar disasters from occurring in the future. Future flood prevention is an integral part of the water damage restoration process. Technicians will go out of their way not just to repair the damage but to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Unsuccessful Dry-Out

In a similar vein to preventing future water damage disasters, a key element of the water damage restoration process that is often overlooked is the need to completely dry out all of the remaining moisture in the home. This can actually be extremely difficult to do given all the nooks and crannies scattered throughout a home. Once again, a professional water damage restoration company is better equipped to thoroughly clean and dry your home while it is easier for you to overlook remaining moisture when repairing the damage on your own

As you can see, there are a lot of different things that can pose a threat to your health during a DIY water damage cleanup job. Make sure you factor in these potential issues before diving headfirst into a DIY clean-up job. For any questions or complications you may have, don’t hesitate to give us a call for help. At ERX, we’re ready 24/7 to help with any water damage needs.

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