Unprecedented Floods At Home

water cleanup hendersonFor those that love rural life, the views come with some dangers. Some of Mohave County’s well-known desert roads are best avoided during the rain due to common flash floodings. Historically, the Las Vegas area usually receives about 4.2 inches of rain per year, but the weather patterns are changing.

The most violent summer monsoon season in a decade is alarming. Intense lightning and thunderstorms flooded parts of southern Nevada several times. Water flowed through a parking structure near The Linq Hotel. After debris from a flood channel near the Las Vegas Boulevard resort area caused a backup, the result was deadly.

Water Cleanup In Henderson

While floods are rare, the dangers to your home and family are real. If your home is inundated by flood waters, you will need qualified help to clean up your home.

Dangers To Your Home And Family

Bacteria, oil, biohazards, debris, and even sewage might collect in the water on the way into your home. If the water comes from an overflowing creek or pond, there could also be dead animals floating in it as well. All of these scenarios can cause serious health concerns especially if your home is soaked and not dried quickly enough.

The Restoration Process

If there is still standing water, a water damage restoration crew will have protective gear and the ability to remove all remaining water. It’s imperative that all moisture is dried to prevent problems in the future. If the water has already passed through, they will begin sanitizing any areas that were affected. 

Rebuilding too quickly after a flood can cause continuing problems such as mold growth due to the surfaces mostly remaining moist, insect infestations, damaged drywall, rot, and unstable foundational structures. Flood waters are not clean water and porous building materials must be removed and replaced with new materials. Materials including sheetrock, carpets, cabinets, upholstered furniture, flooring, etc. are most likely unable to be restored. The experienced team members will be able to assess your situation and offer great advice as they go. 

The team will start cleaning and repairing the resulting damage. The water damage restoration team will ensure your home is safe after the floodwater or sewage leaks have been removed from the home, eliminating any microorganisms present. These steps are vital for odor control, as well.

Proper restoration after a sewage emergency will ensure your home is safe and free of harmful bacteria. After your emergency restoration experts have completed the cleanup and restoration of your home, it will be returned better than before the damage occurred.

Quick, Safe, And Efficient

For water damage problems that are larger than a few square feet, call a clean-up service. When dirty water from the street flows into your home, you need reliable professionals with years of experience. ERX will take extra precautions to keep your family safe. This water damage cleanup professional team at ERX Emergency Restoration has 24-hour service. This team works with the latest technology to decrease drying time, reduce damage and quickly get your life back to normal. Call now!

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