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Understanding The Steps To Proceed For Your Fire Damaged Home

fire damage cleanup and repair hendersonWhen you look at your Henderson home after it has suffered fire damage, cleanup and repair may seem hopeless. At ERX, we know how devastating fire damage can be but we also know how to successfully handle fire damage cleanup and repair. We have years of experience helping our neighbors here in Henderson get their homes back to normal following fire damage. 

Fire Damage Cleanup And Repair In Henderson

We will break down the steps a restoration company takes when handling fire damage cleanup and repair so that if you find yourself dealing with fire damage, you can have hope knowing that it can get it taken care of.

Step 1: Initial Assessment

To develop a restoration plan, the cleanup team needs to assess the damage. The first thing they do upon arrival is to perform an inspection. This is where they’ll take account of how extensive the damage is and where they begin to take action to mitigate any further damages. Once the team has a good assessment of the situation, they’ll make a clean-up and repair plan to get to work immediately. During this phase, they also record and document everything so you can show proof of damage to your insurance company. 

Step 2: Secure The Home

To mitigate any further damage to your home or your belongings, the team needs to secure the area that has received damage. Depending on how bad the damage is, there may be walls, ceilings, doors, windows, or other areas of the home damaged to the point where it is exposed to the outside elements. Any time your home is exposed to the elements, there is a high risk of further damage. Some of the steps that might need to be taken to keep your home secure while repairs are being made are:

  • Installing security measures like fences and boards
  • Boarding up windows and doors
  • Temporary roofs, tarps, and other forms of coverage

Step 3: Water Damage Cleanup/Drying

The water damage that results from extinguishing efforts needs to be cleaned up and dried before any fire damage cleanup and repairs can begin. Any standing water needs to be removed and everything needs to be dried out. This is typically achieved with the use of commercial-grade equipment like extraction pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers.

Step 4: Debris Cleanup

After the damaged area is thoroughly dry, all debris left behind from the fire must be removed. Structural elements that have been severely damaged may need to be demolished and removed so that they can be rebuilt structurally sound and secure. Professionals remove any irreparably damaged materials and belongings during the debris cleanup process.

Step 5: Soot And Smoke Cleanup

Soot and smoke spread throughout the entire home, not just the area that sustained damage, so this step can end up being quite time-consuming. To adequately clean soot from surfaces and materials, you need specialized cleaning agents and trained professionals. Without professional techniques, getting rid of the smoke smell is near impossible. Odor control and structural cleaning are best achieved by professionals. After everything has been cleaned and there is no trace of soot or smoke left behind, the final step can begin.

Step 6: Repairs And Restoration

Any necessary structural repairs or areas that need to be rebuilt are completed during this step of the process. At this point, the professional team will be able to give a concluding timeline as they process this final step. This is where you begging to see your home start to look like it did before the damage occurred and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

In Conclusion

Dealing with fire damage isn’t easy and it isn’t something that you can do on your own. There are multiple, delicate steps that guarantee a successful outcome vs a DIY project that can have multiple complications easily. Trusting in a professional fire damage cleanup and repair team makes the whole difference. Contact ERX if your home is in need of a fire damage cleanup or repair. Our team is ready to help you bring your life back to normal with less stress involved.

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