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Five Tips For Water Damage Prevention

Water Damage Restoration HendersonWater damage restoration doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. There are many simple things you can do to significantly decrease the likelihood of a flood in your home. Here are five simple tips for water damage prevention recommended by our water damage restoration team at ERX Emergency Restoration in Henderson, Nevada.

Water Damage Restoration in Henderson

Maintain Appliances

Washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, and any appliance that uses water has the potential to leak. Not just a small amount either — a seemingly small problem with any one of these appliances can cause a major water damage evert in your home. Your best defense is regular maintenance. Check your water supply lines on all appliances that use water regularly (at least twice a year). If water supply hoses or lines show signs of rust, bulging, cracking, or signs of moisture: replace them without delay.

Use Water Detection Devices

Water detection devices are handy tools for increasing your peace of mind regarding water damage. Like a smoke detector, they will sound an alarm if they detect an excess level of moisture in your home. You can get basic models that will sound an alarm and nothing else, or you can invest in smart water detection devices that link to your phone so you can be notified of a flood from anywhere in the world. They cost anywhere in the range of $20 to several hundred dollars. No matter what price you settle on, however, it is wise to keep water detection devices throughout your home.

Watch Your Water Bill

Many people deal with gradual water damage to their home without even knowing it. One of the best ways to catch on to this is to keep a close eye on your water bill. Doing this should give you a good idea of the baseline amount you pay for water each month. Then, if you see a spike one month without an obvious explanation, this may be a hint that you have a leak somewhere. 

Clear Gutters And Downspouts

At least twice a year, check your gutters for blockage and clean them. This isn’t a pleasant job but failing to do this allows debris to build up so that water is unable to flow out of your gutters properly. When this happens, water spills over the top of them and pools around the base of your home. 

Promptly Fix And Investigate Leaks

Finally, this is pretty obvious, but in the business of life it is all too easy to neglect basic maintenance like this. A small leak that is visible to you may be obscuring a much bigger problem. 

As you can see, each item on the list above takes little time, expertise, or money. As long as you put in the time, you can keep water damage at bay. Give us a call at ERX Emergency Restoration in Henderson if you have any questions about preventing water damage in your home or need help restoring any damage.

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