All You Need To Know About Water Damage and Cleanup

water damage cleanup las vegasWater damage is a widespread problem that happens when water gets into an area where it shouldn’t be. It can happen if you’re at home, like when your pipes burst, or if you’re out and about, like when it rains on your phone. The resulting effects can be severe including mold growth and the destruction of your belongings.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about this frustrating problem so that you can prevent it from happening in the future.

Water Damage Cleanup In Las Vegas

To start with: What exactly is water damage?

Water Damage – The Basics

Water damage is a very common occurrence in homes. It can be caused by any number of issues, but the most common cause is a leaky pipe. If there are several visible leaks in your home, or you see water stains on your walls or floors, it may mean that you have water damage and need to take action quickly.

Water damage can be expensive to fix. The longer the water sits, the worse it gets and the more it will cost to repair. It can also be dangerous if left untreated. Mold and mildew can grow in flooded areas and cause health problems. So what should you do?

Water Damage Prevention

The best way to prevent water damage is to be as proactive as possible.

Here are some tips for preventing water damage in the first place:

  • Clean out your gutters and downspouts. You should check these regularly, but especially during fall and spring when there is more debris, such as leaves and branches in the yard. Clogged gutters and downspouts are a number one cause of leaks inside of a home.
  • Use a dehumidifier if you live in a humid area or if you have a basement that tends to be damp. Dehumidifiers work by removing moisture from the air which can help keep mold growth at bay or stop it altogether.
  • Regularly check your plumbing for signs of wear and tear. Look for signs of corrosion, leaks, rusting pipes, cracks, or wet spots on the ceiling (which may indicate a roof leak). If you notice any issues with your plumbing system, don’t wait until it’s too late to call in an expert plumber! Your peace of mind will thank you later when they help fix up any problems before they become bigger ones!

What You Should Do After Water Damage

You can’t be too safe when dealing with water damage. Immediately removing excess water and drying the affected area is essential as well as cleaning and disinfecting everything that has come in contact with water. Depending on the extent of your damage, you may need to remove and replace some materials, such as insulation, drywall or flooring. Make sure you repair the source of the damage before you monitor humidity levels in your home. Call a professional if you need help.

When To Call A Professional

Call a professional when:

  • You are unsure of the extent of the damage.
  • The water or moisture has seeped into an area that you cannot access, such as behind walls or under floors.
  • You don’t feel confident in your ability to properly clean up the water and dry off all affected areas, including within wall cavities and flooring.
  • If you decide to call a professional, they will generally assess the situation and help determine a plan of action. They will also be able to help identify where mold might have grown if the water damaged area was not handled quickly enough. Mold can pose serious health risks and should be dealt with by professionals when possible.

What We Can Do For You

Water damage can be devastating for both your property and your health. It’s not only inconvenient, but it can cause permanent damage to your home that may take years to repair. In addition, water damage causes mold and mildew growth, which can further damage the surface of your property and cause health problems for your family.

Luckily there are a lot of ways we can help you. We specialize in water damage cleanup, repair, removal, mitigation and restoration services. We provide 24 hour emergency service to get your home or office back in working order as soon as possible. Contact us today for a free consultation!

When water damage occurs, it is important to call the experts at ERX Restoration of Las Vegas right away. They are available 24 hours a day to answer your calls and provide assistance in restoring your property back to its pre-loss condition.

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