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Signs You May Need Foundation Repair And Cleanup After Water Damage.

Water Damage Cleanup North Las VegasThe home foundation is one of the vital parts of your property. In case anything goes wrong, it could compromise the structural integrity of your Las Vegas home. Water in your foundation can come from different sources like melting ice and snow, rain, and downspouts. After water damage, the most crucial aspect is finding the signs as early as possible and doing the repairs and cleanup before the damage worsens. If your home survived water damage recently, below are five warning signs that can alert you of the possibility of water damage in your foundation.

1. Musty Smell in Your Basement

Basements are popular for having weird smells. Most homeowners assume it is because the foundation is underground. However, that stale smell is your first warning sign. The reason could be mold and mildew, which release a musty smell once it forms on your foundation. Both thrive in damp areas of the basement. Any part of your basement is prone to excess moisture. Basements do not have enough air to keep the moisture in check. Finding the source of the musty smell can be a challenge. It is a good idea to hire a professional who will know where to look.

2. Cracks in Your Drywall

There are plenty of reasons why you might find cracks in your drywall, such as water damage from your roof. However, if water damage is not the problem, there is a high chance you are dealing with foundation issues. Depending on the nature of these cracks, you can expect anything from a small foundation repair to a very costly repair job.

3. Discoloration on the Wall

Concrete is a porous material and can get discolored easily when groundwater remains on the surface. The discoloration comes from minerals which will form when the water dries in the foundation concrete. Staining on your wallpapers, walls, or carpets is a sign that water has penetrated through the concrete wall of your foundation.

4. Persistent Mold Problems

Mold is the easiest sign to spot that indicates that your structural foundation needs repairs. When the crack continues sitting, it wicks water from the ground. The excess moisture will feed mildew and mold. Mold spores will travel through the air, invade your home, and spread everywhere. What may begin as a minor mold patch in your basement will result in a full-blown mold infestation. To avoid this, you will need mold remediation from professionals to prevent further damage to your home.

5. Sagging and Uneven Floors

Uneven and sagging floors are always a clear sign of foundation issues. This might happen when underlying soil pushes your floor slabs up and out of place. If you notice a soft spot anywhere in your home, you will have to repair your foundation. 

Get Help From Water Damage Cleanup North Las Vegas

Every foundation repair task starts with a detailed assessment of your house foundation and water damaged parts of your property. If you experience water damage in your house call ERX. We respond promptly and will quickly assist you to minimize the damage and restore your house. For all your water damage cleanup in North Las Vegas, contact ERX today.

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