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Hidden Water Damage Cleanup Tips For Henderson Homeowners

water damage cleanup hendersonWater leaks happen for several reasons but should be fixed as fast as possible to stop major structural water damage. Unfortunately, water damage inside a home isn’t always easy to spot. While pipe bursts, appliance malfunctions, and indoor flooding from outside water are hard to miss, leaks can be another story.

Discovering Hidden Water Damage – Cleanup Tips For Henderson Nevada Homeowners

Leaks inside your home can go unnoticed for a long time depending on where the leak is happening. Leaks that are left alone for a period of time lead to big mold problems, flooring damage, wood rot and serious structural problems. 

There are common places where water damage tends to go unnoticed inside Henderson homes.

Under the Kitchen Sink

While you would assume a slow drip coming from below your kitchen sink will be easily noticeable, the truth is that these drips sometimes go unnoticed until a musty odor develops. The odor is a result of mold and mildew, and the dark area underneath the sink can hide the pooled water for long periods, which makes it hard to detect hidden water leaks.

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the major sources of water damage. The water gradually damages the walls as it surrounds the area. Because of the enclosed setting of the bathroom, steam is produced when you take a hot shower. And because it has nowhere to go, it accumulates on the bathroom wall, causing mold to grow. The mold is not noticeable to the naked eye at first, but later on, it will change from green to black, and will stand out between tiles.

In the Ceiling

Your ceiling might experience leaking due to broken pipes, roof leaks, upstairs flooding or other reasons. If ceiling leaks occur, the water will run through the walls and create paint cracks at the bottom and corners of the walls. Stop the damage from happening by visually inspecting portions of the interior structure. Look for discoloration in the ceiling, bubbling paint, and cracks in the paint.

The Siding of the Home

It is important to inspect your home’s corners and the section where two siding panels meet. Otherwise, the water that penetrates through the cracks could gradually damage the plywood sheath. You will not see the damage until the sidings are changed. Keep a close eye on these areas to make sure they aren’t seeping water when it rains.

Around the Windows

Water leakage from windows is a common occurrence. Rainwater can leak through the windows causing damage to the window sill but also the wall, flooring and more. In time, the walls below the windows may break or deteriorate. Any damage underneath the window should be closely inspected.

Water Damage Cleanup Henderson

If you have ever dealt with flooding, leaking, or burst pipes, it’s vital to be aware of hidden sources of water damage. We can help you with thorough structural drying, flood damage cleanup, and water damage restorations at ERX Emergency Restoration. We know that experiencing a water damage loss in your home may be a traumatic event, and you may not know where to start or what to do.  If you need water damage cleanup in Henderson, please do not hesitate to call us.

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