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The Dangers of Flood Waters And Water Cleanup

water cleanup hendersonIt may come as a shock to learn that the impact of storms or severe rains could be just as, if not more, harmful than the storm itself. Homeowners who have never been through a huge flood may not realize how deadly floodwaters can be following a storm and the dangers they pose to your safety and health, in addition to water damage to your house. When a disaster strikes, you should contact water cleanup experts as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common ways that floodwaters can be dangerous.

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When a storm first breaks out and water is pouring everywhere, debris could be a major issue. Almost all floodwater is filthy and difficult to see through. This, plus the fact that it has wreaked havoc on the environment, indicates that there are likely many harmful substances in the water. Even if you are in a rush to get away from the water, be aware of the type of water you are walking through and the footwear you are wearing. While getting to safety, try wearing heavy-duty boots to avoid stepping on debris and hurting yourself.


Bacteria are present in any type of stagnant water. But, if this stagnant water has been flowing through unregulated sources such as sewers, waste treatment plants, or other uncontrolled sources, it may contain far more harmful germs than a regular river or lake. The threat of bacteria is even larger in locations where the water and temperature are so warm that floodwaters can form a perfect breeding ground for many diseases. If you have been through a flood, avoid making contact with the flood water without the right equipment if at all possible. That is why it is important to contact water damage restoration professionals quickly.


Electrocution is also another risk of walking through floodwaters. There is a high risk of electrocution if there are collapsed power lines or if your property has flood damage. Switch off the power at the breaker or contact your utility company to have it turned off before entering a home that has flood damage. You should never enter a house with a live charge or stagnant water on the floor.


If you still have the gas on when you come into your house and any sparks are coming out of any source, you might have fire damage in addition to water cleanup damage. Before entering the property, be sure the gas is turned off. It could be fatal if you have a gas leak as a result of damage to the area around your home.

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If your home has experienced water damage cleanup from storms or floodwaters, you should contact ERX right away. Flood water is extremely dangerous, especially for anyone without the proper equipment or experience to deal with it. If you have any doubts about the safety of your home, do not enter it; rather, contact a professional. ERX provides emergency service 24 hours a day to quickly restore your home. Take action and contact ERX right away if your home is suffering from water damage.

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