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Washing Machine Types That Will Save You On Water Damage Cleanup Costs

water damage cleanup hendersonOne of the cleanest parts of your home might become one of the messiest. Every year, 1 in 50 insured homes will have a water damage claim; washing machines are an all too common source of problems. When your washer malfunctions, tens of gallons of water can flow on the floor, absorb into carpet, and seep up the walls.

Water Damage Cleanup In Henderson

Common causes of leaks include three categories:

1) The point of failure is often within the unit itself- the drain pump responsible for draining the water from the tub: belt driven, direct drive, a separate electric pump.  

2) Both external supply hoses and internal inlet hoses commonly become worn, crimped, corroded or loose. Always insist on new hoses when you have a new unit installed; upgrade to the braided stainless steel option. 

3) Sometimes poor maintenance (or bad luck) can lead to clogged floor drains. The draining water will back up and flood outward from where the water should have entered the external drain system. 

If you are replacing your unit, or purchasing for the first time, do some research. Which style of washer is less prone to disastrous water leaks?

Top Loading Washer

Traditional top-loading washers are more convenient to load, unload, and presoak. Plus they are easier to maintain than front-loading washers. However, these traditional style units have the three problems mentioned above plus another one. The tub cover gasket can get damaged in a top loading washer during the spin cycle. When the washer spins, it may be throwing water out between the outer tub and the tub cover.

Front Loading Washer

Front loading machines use gravity to wash better with less water. Newer front-loading washers are much quieter than old style top loaders due to their more advanced motors and suspension systems.

However,  you can’t add clothes mid-cycle since the door locks to seal. And since it’s harder for water to evaporate, front load washers have been plagued with more mildew problems. Every year the designs get better, but you still need to wipe the seals and provide good ventilation.

As far as the possibility for a leak, the door boot seal can fail. This big folded rubbery ring inside your door pocket ensures that water doesn’t splash all over your floor when it is swishing around in there. The material can crack or rip. Or if any of its multiple spring clamps come loose, water can leak during a wash cycle. 

Some door catch designs are faulty.  If your door switch thinks it is closed but the latch doesn’t hold on tightly, your door may randomly open during the wash cycle.

Combo Units

Another option is now on the market. Washer dryer combos combine a front-loading washing machine and a condenser clothes dryer into a one appliance roughly the same size as a standalone washer.

While the washer aspect is the same as a front loading system, the drying function is very different from what you are used to. In combined washer dryer units, however, cold water is used to allow the air to cool. The moisture released is then pumped out along with the water used to cool the air. 

This process uses a lot of water – sometimes more than they’ll use for washing. More water can mean more risk of water damage (and a higher water bill.)

No matter what style of system you use, keep taps on the maintenance. Replace any worn hoses and keep the drains clear. If you do have a leak or a flood, call our water damage experts to cleanup and repair your home. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Las Vegas

If your washer leaks, call the water damage cleanup professionals at ERX Emergency Restoration. Water damage cleanup experts can help with repairs, restoration and any mold problems that arise.  The team will get to work with the latest technology to decrease drying time, reduce damage and get your life back to normal.

In the Las Vegas and Henderson area, the water damage cleanup experts at ERX Emergency Restoration have an emergency line for 24 hour service.

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