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Conserving Water In Las Vegas & Avoid Water Disasters

water damage cleanup las vegasCurrently, 40% of the state of Nevada is in an ‘exceptional drought’ with reservoir levels alarmingly low. The Las Vegas Valley gets around 90% of its water from the Colorado River, which is facing the worst drought in the river basin’s recorded history. The Colorado River supplies Lake Mead with its water. Since January 2020, the water level of Lake Mead has dropped more than 130 feet. Since Lake Mead provides the most of the Las Vegas community’s drinking water, we are under mandatory watering restrictions. The Las Vegas Water Authority shared a ‘Water Resource Plan’ last year outlining their conservation efforts, but there is more we can do to help.

At ERX, we normally share how to deal with too much water and water damage cleanup, but we are going to shift gears here in this post to give some tips on how we can help conserve water during this hot, dry summer. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Las Vegas

  • If you must water your lawn, do so between midnight and sunrise to minimize excess water evaporation. Also, do not overwater your lawn. We know everyone wants green grass, but conserving water is more important right now.

  • Utilize every drop of water. If you are waiting for hot water, catch the cold water in a pitcher or watering can to water houseplants or even to boil for cooking.

  • Shortening your shower time by even 2 minutes can save up to 6 gallons of water, so try to make it quick. Also, do not let the sink run while brushing your teeth. Turning it off while brushing can save up to 8 gallons a day. These simple acts can make a huge difference when conserving water.

  • Wait to run the dishwasher or washing machine until they are full. Running on half or smaller loads wastes a lot of water, so hold off until you have full loads.

  • If you have a dripping faucet or leaky pipes, get them fixed. If you have a faucet that is dripping water, you can waste over 5 gallons of water a day. Don’t overlook drips or leaks. 

Conservation measures combat droughts, and we can all play a part in conserving water. The Water District has adopted mandatory conservation measures to help our community weather the drought; like outdoor watering restrictions, landscape watering assignments, and increases in water rates. These can seem overwhelming, which is why we hope the list we provided can help you feel more willing and able to make small changes to help conserve water every day. Water is an instrumental asset in our lives. While we specialize in water damage cleanup and repair, we also value water and how essential it is to life.

We love our Las Vegas community and want to help do our part in conserving water, so if you do have water damage in your home call us right away to get the flow of water stopped and the problem cleaned up as quickly as possible. 

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