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Water Damage: The Common Culprits To Watch For To Avoid Cleanup

water damage restoration henderson, water damage cleanup henderson, water damage repair hendersonThe ultimate way to take care of water damage is to prevent it from occurring. There isn’t one answer to ensuring this happens and there really isn’t a failsafe way to ensure that it never does. There are, however, certain little things we can do to help in preventing water damage from occurring in our home. One of those ways is to know the common culprits of water damage. There are a variety of ways water damage can occur and knowing about them and how to prevent them from happening puts you at a much better chance of never having to come face to face with water damage and its cleanup.

Water Cleanup In Henderson

Outside Culprits

  • Clogged gutters: Gutters can be very useful and when they do their job correctly, they prove to be brilliant inventions. However, gutters can fill with dirt and debris. When this happens water can no longer run through it and the water will overflow, pooling at the base of your home and can eventually cause problems. The water can seep into your foundation and cause water damage. It’s a simple prevention, clean your gutters regularly.
  • Straying roots: This may not seem very common but it can happen. Straying roots from trees in your yard or close by can press up against your water pipes, putting a log of pressure on them. This could cause them to break or leak leading to water damage. Just be aware of the vegetation growth around you and take care of things as you see them becoming an issue. 
  • Landscape: Water runs downhill. In order to prevent water from pooling at the base of your home and seeping into your foundation, slope your yard away from your home.
  • Dry soil: In a desert, such as Henderson, dry soil is common. This dry soil shrinks and contracts causing your home foundation to settle unevenly. This could lead to cracks in the foundation so when it does eventually rain, it allows water to gain access to your home through the foundation. 

Inside Culprits

  • Malfunctioning appliances: Appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine are amazing! Because of their use of water however, when they are not working properly, they can cause water damage. Stay up to date on how old your appliances are and if they do need repairs, make sure you get them done so they stay in good working condition.
  • Steam: Steam from the bathroom or other locations can lead to water condensing on surfaces and become moist spots. If there is proper ventilation this shouldn’t be a problem. It can dry properly. If not, this condensed water can start to cause damage and become the perfect growing ground for mold.
  • Other: Water damage could happen in other ways such as a toilet overflow or a pipe leak. The best way to be able to prevent these sort of things from happening is to be aware of what is going on in your home. Pay attention to your water bill for any surprisingly drastic increases. Do routine maintenance, keeping things in working fashion.

No matter what the cause of water damage might be, if water damage is something you come up against, you don’t have to take care of the cleanup alone. There are professional companies that can assist you. Give them a call!

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