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The Purpose Of Water Extraction For Damage And Restoration

water damage restoration henderson, water damage cleanup henderson, water damage repair hendersonWhen your home has suffered from a flood of water damage emergency, immediate water extraction is a must. Water extraction should be performed both quickly and professionally in order to reduce further damage or mold growth. For many homeowners, the distinctions between water extraction, water mitigation, and dehumidification aren’t critical. However, these simple tools can help you get potential water damage restoration professionals in Henderson, ensuring you receive the best service possible. Take a look at this simple overview of water extraction: what it is, how to do it, and why it’s critical in the restoration process. 

Water Damage Restoration In Henderson

What is Water Extraction?

Water extraction is a process recommended for the removal of excess water when a flood or water damage has occurred. It is usually the first step in the water removal process, so it’s critical that it’s done correctly. It’s a pretty tough job, considering that removing the water usually involves an upward flow of water and a place to store dirty flood water. 

The purpose of water extraction in the water damage restoration process is to reduce the risk of property damage and black mold growth. Experts will stop the flow of water, assess the cleanliness of the water, and remove both visible and non-visible water as quickly as possible for best results. 

Professionals usually have hoses and attachments that can pump out water into a van with a water storage container. This process can take anywhere from several hours to a full day. The extent of the water damage can mean more work on the back end trying to determine the source of damage and how to best remove hidden water pockets. 

Water Extraction vs. Water Mitigation

Water extraction is the process of removing water, and water mitigation is the process of removing all the unsalvageable materials from the building to reduce the overall cost and effect of loss because of the damage. A good water damage restoration company will do both extraction and mitigation. When mitigation is performed immediately after extraction, the home receives the best results. The property is stabilized in the process and many headaches are prevented. 

How to Extract Water

Like mentioned above, water extraction is a tedious and lengthy process involving specialized equipment and training. Your water damage restoration team will take the time to locate the source of the excess water and identify the cause of the leak or flood. Your technician will also locate any potential safety hazards, which could include electric sockets or plugged-in appliances. After pumping excess water out of the area, they will also disinfect and sanitize the area, since water damage always leaves its grimy traces. The last step is to dehumidify the home. Dehumidification is a process that many DIYers either skip or do not perform completely. This critical last piece will ensure a dry area and that no mold grows behind compromised walls or underneath wet flooring. 

If you’re in need of water damage restoration services in Henderson, contact ERX. Our restoration experts are trained in all of the details of water extraction and will give you the best service in the Las Vegas area.

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