Three Non-Frozen Ways You Can Suffer Winter Water Damage

water damage restoration henderson, water damage repair henderson, water damage cleanup hendersonAs the rest of the nation has to shovel sidewalks, repair ice damage and contend with frozen pipes. While we gloat as we bask in the 60 degree days, we can still have winter water damage. Here are three places in your home that could fail in the next few months. If you ever suffer from water damage, call our water damage restoration experts at ERX. The talented team can bring your home back to the high quality finishes that you love.

Water Damage Restoration Henderson

More Effort On Plumbing Systems 

Whether you are hosting family gatherings in the new year or not, you are still stuck at home for the foreseeable future. With more time in the house, you are adding more loads of laundry, more dishwasher cycles and more toilet flushes. Watch out for any leaks of evidence that an appliance or coupling is failing. Call our water damage restoration experts as soon as you suspect trouble; the sooner they find and fix the problem, the better.

Leaking Water Heater

During the winter months, the temperature of cold water drops about 25 degrees. This will result in the water heater to work harder in order to heat the water. In addition, if it is old or contains a lot of sediments, the particles will quickly absorb heat. They only last about 10-15 years; it is only a matter of time before it wears out. To avoid this mess, be sure to frequently check the unit for faulty pipes, leaks, or unusual noises before the leaking or flooding occurs.

Overflowing Gutters

Here in Henderson, the rainy season runs from mid December to about March 15th. In that time, poorly maintained (and improperly planned) gutters can clog up, overflow, and send a hundred gallons of rainwater into your home. As the water seeps into the foundation, it could flood your basement. So be sure to clean your gutters regularly, especially towards the end of winter.

Maintain The Sprinkler System

As we enter the rainy season, it can be easy to forget the yard. Be careful of overwatering your lawn. If your home is equipped with an automatic sprinkler or irrigation system, you may need to make certain adjustments to address a problem with standing water.  

If your in-ground sprinkler system isn’t working properly, watch while the system runs a cycle. After you’ve checked to make sure the water supply is adequate and the controller is set properly, look for any debris that is stuck in the sprinkler valve – you may be able to simply clean it rather than repair or replace the valve.

A slow leak anywhere in the system can lead to water damage. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration In Las Vegas

For water problems larger than a few square feet, call the professionals at ERX Emergency Restoration. Our water damage restoration experts can help with any mold problems- whether from a flood, water damage or a humidifier. The team will get to work with the latest technology to decrease drying time, reduce damage and get your life back to normal.

In the Las Vegas and Henderson area, the water damage restoration professionals at ERX Emergency Restoration have an emergency line for 24 hour service.

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