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Potential Water Damage Areas

water damage restoration henderson, water damage henderson, water damage cleanup hendersonLocated in the Mojave Desert, Henderson, Nevada can get pretty hot during the summer.  Some would even venture to say extremely hot.  With daily temperatures over 100° being a common occurrence during the months of June, July, and August, we Henderson residents do all we can to keep cool and endure the dry heat.  But it’s important to ensure the items in our home that we utilize for a life of comfort and convenience are in proper condition to continue functioning and prevent long-term water damage.  Here are three common causes of home water damage that annual maintanance can prevent.

Air Conditioner 

Different cooling systems function using various networks and apparatuses.  But in general, air passes through a series of ducts and collects the moisture, depositing it into a condensation reservoir.  Initially, this process can help prevent the moisture from passing through and damaging the entire structure.  However, if the structure isn’t checked and updated to replace any aging, damaged, or faulty pieces, the ducts can begin to weaken and eventually crack or rupture.  With cracked ducts, the water that is filtered through the system to be collected in the reservoir instead leaks through the openings, spreading throughout the air conditioner.  Not only does the water damage other parts of the air conditioner, it also can, in more extreme cases, spread bacteria or mold spores throughout your home.

Ice Maker

One of the most used machines during the summer, the ice maker can feel like a godsend.  But with such usage, parts of the machine are bound to break down.  The water supply tubing, which is how your ice maker accesses water, is usually made of plastic behind the refrigerator.  As most other plastic materials, the tubing tends to dry and become brittle and fragile.  This can be caused by the heat increase, the lack of moisture in the air (as again, we live in a desert), and the difference of temperature inside the tubing with the flow of cool water.  If the tubing becomes too brittle, it can crack and leak, pumping potentially gallons of water underneath the fridge and onto your floor before you even notice it.  Making sure your water supply tubing for your refrigerator as summer comes around is in good condition or needs replacing will help you prevent severe water  damage to your kitchen.


Humidifiers are a godsend here in Henderson.  They help keep your skin, nasal passages, and throat moist, and helps prevent congestion and sickness.  They also help cool down your home quicker if used in tandem with a fan or home cooling system.  However, if your humidifier is set to expend too high of a level of moisture, it can cause damage to your home.  Excess condensation can cause damage to paint, laminate flooring, ceilings, and insulation surrounding the humidifier.  The larger the volume of water the humidifier can hold, the more cognizant you need to be to make sure the moisture level isn’t set to a standard that doesn’t allow for any evaporation to offset the amount of moisture being produced.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests that if you live in a dry setting, keep the humidity levels in your home to around 50%, which will give the water enough time to evaporate before becoming a water damage issue.

If any of your appliances that you’ve been using religiously throughout the summer do end up causing a leak, flood, or any level of water damage in your home, be sure to contact your local water damage restoration company for help and advice.

Water Damage Restoration In Henderson

Emergency Restoration Experts is a water damage restoration service company located in Henderson, Nevada. ERX hires professionals highly trained in water removal and damage restoration, and have the skill-set to manage and mitigate any water damage project, regardless of size or extent of the damage.  The technicians utilize the latest industry technology, and guarantee the world’s fastest water drying, beginning restoration services in less than 48 hours of initial project and preventing further damage.  By quickly identifying the source, removing all standing water, and thoroughly drying the area and all items, ERX ensures not only comparatively minimal damage, but a quicker cleanup process as well, allowing you to return to life as usual.  

Living in Henderson, Nevada can feel like, well, a desert.  And as much as we love it here, sometimes the heat can be unbearable.  But water damage from the appliances that were supposed to help you beat the heat can be even more unbearable.  Luckily, with professional cleanup crews watching out for you, you can go back to enjoying the hot Henderson summer weather inside your perfectly cool home, without worrying about water damage.

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