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Cause And Solutions For Commercial Water Damage

Have you ever dreamt of going to the great Las Vegas just for vacation or possibly make a life there? Well, depending on wherever you go, water damage is always a possibility. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know there’s so many people. Well, there are 641,676 people that live there, and another 43 million people travel yearly. With that many people it means a lot of water comes with it: showers, bathrooms, restaurants, drinks, etc. With that many people and that much water, water damage is bound to strike sometime whether it’s a broken pipe, leaky pipes, clogged toilets, etc. If you are a commercial or business owner, it’s important to know the causes, effects, and solutions of water damage so that you can get it properly cleaned up.

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If you are a business owner in this particular area, your business is always busy. I mean there are 43 million tourists a year and that doesn’t even count the citizens. This means you are susceptible for water damage. You may ask, “What does that entail?” Well, with that many people, water damage can stem from anything. The most common source of water damage for a commercial property is a leaky roof. Small leaks in the roof can lead to major problems for the business. So, make certain to always pay attention to your roof. Other common sources of commercial property damage are damaged pipes, drainage systems, sewer clogs, and HVAC (air conditioning systems) damage. These problems can inflict water damage on any business.


Since water damage can occur at any time, it’s important to know the effects. Water damage can inflict a lot on a building such as mold, structural problems, contamination, etc. 

Commercial water damage has the potential to spread quickly so make sure to act fast. If not taken care of, the damage can spread affecting the customers of your business. The size of the building can also affect how extensive the damage may be.If the water isn’t cleaned up right away, the damage will spread and make a much more costly repair. Mold can start to grow within 48 hours of the damage; consequently, if not resolved, you and your customers are at risk for health problems.

Further structural damage is also an effect of water damage. The longer you wait the worst it gets. Drywall and wood are pretty absorbent. When water sits on drywall and wood for an extended period of time, the integrity and strength may decrease. Make sure to act immediately when water damage hits. This will also help with the water damage cleanup process, as you will be avoiding more damage in the future. 


Depending on the extent and source of the water damage, the cleanup or solution can vary. However, the first thing to do is always call a professional immediately, especially if it’s a commercial property. Time is everything so don’t wait to act! In addition, don’t try to clean up water damage yourself because more damages can occur later. 

Emergency Restoration (ERX) located in Las Vegas specializes in commercial water damage restoration. They will ensure that the affected area is properly dried, sanitized, and restored back to its proper glory. 

Overall, water damage can occur any day at any time. The more water being used the more susceptible your property is to damage. ERX is ready to help your business with any water damage cleanup issues, any time of the day. Remember to call immediately to avoid further damages of your property.

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