What Happens When Water Cleanup Is Ignored After Water Damage?

water cleanup henderson, water damage henderson, water damage cleanup hendersonThe worst mistake you can make after a flood is neglecting to remove the water and not cleanup the damage quickly. If there were a golden rule for water damage restoration, this would probably be it. But why is this the case? There are actually a number of serious complications and problems that can spring up as a result of stalled cleanup. From water cleanup experts at ERX in Las Vegas, here are six of those complications and problems. 

Damaged And Discolored Ceilings

The longer you wait to initiate water cleanup, the more the ceiling and wall paint will discolor and the plaster will bulge. In addition, damage can occur to mounted lights and ceiling fans. 

Health Hazards

There are a large number of health hazards that may occur the longer a home goes untreated after a flood. The most serious health concerns to be aware of are bacteria-infested water, mold growth, and electrocution. Bacteria infested water occurs when the floodwater itself is contaminated. This is very serious when the floodwater contains sewage or harsh chemicals. Mold growth begins a couple of days after the initial flood. Inhaling mold spores typically leads to mild or moderate respiratory symptoms. Finally, electrocution is an obvious hazard. To avoid this, you should shut off all the electricity to your home immediately after a flood. 

Damaged Electrical Systems

We all know water and electricity don’t play well together. Water damage left unattended and not cleaned up for too long can cause electrical shorts and damage to your circuits. Be aware of the risk of electrocution as well. 

Damaged Carpet

Carpet is very sensitive to moisture. Even a small amount of floodwater on your carpet can cause mold to grow inside it and potentially ruin your carpet for good. If your carpet is ever flooded, don’t waste a single minute in removing the water and cleaning up by drying because each minute you wait increases the likelihood that your carpet will be ruined for good. 

Ruined Drywall

Drywall doesn’t need much exposure to water for it to turn brittle, swell and mold. Unfortunately, this usually cannot be repaired and the drywall must be completely replaced to prevent mold from growing inside your walls as well. 

Decrease The Value Of Your Home

Water damage can be an eyesore. It is hard to paint over. An inspector can spot and will document water damage if not properly addressed. Potential buyers will offer you less money or worse, not consider buying your home at all. Put in the work ahead of time to restore and cleanup water damage as quickly as possible so you don’t have to worry about this when it comes time to sell your home. 

Don’t let your home sustain unnecessary damage from putting off the water damage restoration process. Dealing with the aftermath of a flood can feel overwhelming, but if you do nothing but pick up the phone and give your local water damage restoration crew, like ERX in Las Vegas, to help you jump on the problem quickly and promptly restore the damage to your home. 

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