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 Fire And Smoke Damage – Preparing For The Worst

fire damage cleanup and repair henderson, fire damage repair henderson, smoke damage cleanup hendersonMajor and minor fires can cause a significant amount of fire and smoke damage. Not only do the heat of the flames cause intense damage, but the smoke and soot that stem from fires can spread far beyond where the flames reached, causing extensive damage to the inside of a home or business. Smoke and soot can be found in the AC system, inside cabinets and drawers, caked to walls and furniture, embedded in the furniture and etched into glass. The longer the smoke and soot are left sitting after a fire, the bigger the damage the becomes and the more costly it becomes to repair it.

If you live in Henderson, Nevada, you may already be familiar with the fire damage professionals at ERX Emergency Restoration. If you aren’t, keep us in mind in case you find yourself in need of any fire or smoke damage cleanup and repair in Henderson. Here are a few more items to keep in mind and to keep you prepared if a fire should break out in your property.

  1. Contact 911 Immediately – Be sure that the fire department has the opportunity to do its job, and do it quickly. Call as soon as a fire happens to reduce the damage. 
  2. Don’t DIY Fire Damage – Specialists such as those at ERX are trained to assess and take care of the damage, while also attempting to preserve any of your possessions they can. They can do a better job and do it faster if they are given the chance to. Don’t try to Google how to remove smoke odor – it’s not going to work. 
  3. Understand Different Types Of Damage – Your home or property may experience different types of wear, such as fire, heat, smoke, chemical, and water damage. Remember that professionals are there to take care of all of these damages, as it is crucial to take care of these damages with special care and equipment.
  4. Avoid Entering Fire Damaged Property – Although you may want to run in after it is out to check the damages, your safety comes first, as well as the safety of your home. If you enter the damaged area, the structure could collapse, or other lingering damage could harm you. Walking around could also distribute the soot to other unaffected areas of your home. 
  5. It Will Be Ok – In the heat of the moment, it may seem that all is lost. But remember that your safety comes first, and the most important thing is that everyone is ok. Property and personal belongings can be replaced, lives cannot. Stay safe and let the professional fire damage cleanup and repair team take over and help clean and restore your property.

As you keep these things in mind, remember that safety is first! You and your family’s safety is the first priority and nothing is more important than that. After that, remember to keep calm and have the professionals do their job! Specialists like those at ERX know what they are doing! So call today! 

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