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Spot Mold Faster: 4 Signs That Might Indicate Mold

mold removal las vegas, mold cleanup las vegasMold is an awful thing to find growing inside your commercial property. Commercial spaces are typically larger buildings with a lot of area for mold to spread to, which means a bigger, and more expensive job to clean up and repair. If you have not yet discovered a mold issue in your building, here are 4 things to watch out for so that you can catch a mold infestation quicker and decrease the amount of damage to your Las Vegas property. If you do discover mold, or suspect that mold is already there, contact ERX Emergency Restoration.

Musty Smells:  The smell of mold and mildew is not an easy one to mistake. Basements and attics that are suffering from mold problems will typically have that deep mildewy smell that stays with you even after you have left the room. That moldy smell is a strong suggestion to call in a professional for a mold inspection. Mold inspections can tell you if there really is mold in the property and help you move toward the remediation process faster. 

Bathroom Problems:  It’s not a surprise that a common place to find mold would be in a company bathroom! Bathrooms are prone to leaks, pipe breaks, overflowing toilets, etc. There is so much moisture in bathrooms that adding a little bit of moisture is enough to spawn mold underneath sinks, around toilets, and depending on the situation, the entire floor and floorboards.

Peeling Wallpaper: Peeling or bubbling wallpaper is never a good sign. When wallpaper becomes miscolored, bubbly, or starts cracking, you can guarantee that there is a water damage issue inside the walls. Where there is water, there is usually mold, and depending on how long the water has gone unnoticed, the mold damage could be extensive. If this is the case, your mold remediation company will remove the mold, repair the water damaged areas, and restore the entire portion of the wall to pre-loss condition. First, the water issue must be resolved to keep the mold from coming back.

Recurring Colds: If it starts to seem like someone in the office is ALWAYS sick, you might consider having mold testing done. Mold can really aggravate people who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. For some, mold can cause serious health issues. Make sure your business is safe to work in and have a professional come in and assess for mold damage. When you hire a professional to handle the problem, you can be sure the mold will be eradicated for good, without mold spores becoming airborne and spreading.

Mold within the office is never a fun situation. In fact; it could lower productivity within your business by seriously disfiguring your building or just as terrible, make your employee’s horribly ill.  Unsure whether you have mold and are only left with suspicious thoughts? Then give ERX Emergency Restoration in Las Vegas a call today! Their professional crew will come in and evaluate the property to see if you do have mold.  If that turns out to be the case, they will take what actions are needed in order to make your workspace productive once more!

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