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Rooms In Your House Most Likely To Be The Source Of Water Damage

water damage cleanup henderson, water damage hendersonWater damage can start just about anywhere in your home. However, there a few places where the vast majority of water damage incidents first begin. To prevent water damage in your home, your first priority should be checking on these rooms in your home to make sure you are not at risk. Below, we at ERX in Henderson have included a list of those rooms and what you can do about them.


Your bathroom is an obvious place for water damage to begin. This is because there are so many different sources of water in your bathroom and so many different things that could go wrong. The main things to look out for to prevent water damage in your bathroom are, first, to make sure your toilet isn’t running. If your toilet is running it could be running up your water bill and leak onto the floor and damage your tile. Second, make sure your pipes are in good shape as a malfunction in your pipes could cause a serious water damage problem through your sink or shower. The bathroom is a prime location for mold to grow if moisture is present. If mold grows, your water damage problem becomes a much bigger problem.


Your kitchen is another obvious place for water damage to begin. Again, this is because there are so many different potential issues. Water damage in your kitchen could stem from your sink, pipes, or a refrigerator malfunction. The most often overlooked possibility is a refrigerator malfunction. This could happen by the refrigerator leaking water throughout your kitchen or by the icemaker malfunctioning and overproducing ice that won’t take long to flood your kitchen.


Your basement, though not technically a common source of water damage, is still worthy of this list because it is typically where water damage flows to. Due to it being below ground and having so many access points your basement is the first place most floodwater goes. To better protect your basement of this from happening, you should make sure all access points such as windows are fully sealed off. Any opening will allow water to trickle through and cause serious flooding before long.

Laundry Room-

Your laundry makes this list as a likely room in your home for water damage to begin for one main reason, your washing machine. A malfunctioning or leaking washing machine can cause you very serious problems in a short amount of time. Conventional washing machines use an average of 40 gallons of water per load. For larger washing machines, this amount is ever more. Thus, if your washing machine breaks down for just one load and all that water spills out of it, you’ll have a big mess on your hands to clean up.

Water damage can happen just about anywhere, but it is best to focus your efforts on all the places mentioned here as they make up the vast majority of all parts of your home where water damage may begin. If you do find your home affected by water damage, don’t hesitate to contact us at ERX in Henderson so our team of restoration professionals can clean up the damage and help you get your home restored back to normal in no time!

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