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The Four Stages Of Water Damage

Water Cleanup Henderson, Water Damage HendersonIf anything is true regarding water damage it is that time is of the essence. The longer you wait to have the water removed and the damage restored after a flood or even a minor leak the more risk you are putting your home in. One way of categorizing the effects of water damage is to break it down into four separate stages. Our certified restoration technicians at ERX in the Henderson area have dealt with water damage cleanup at each of these four stages. They are the first to know that it is worth every effort on your part to prevent water damage in your home from reaching any of the further stages of damage.

Stage 1

At the stage 1 level, water damage is almost invisible, or at least very difficult to detect. However, there is enough damage there for you to develop a suspicion it is there. One way you may be tipped off to this is noticing a damp or musty smell, probably in your bathroom or crawlspace. The best thing to do if you expect this damage is to contact a cleaning and restoration contractor to come out and assess the damage. They will be able to more accurately detect and assess the extent of the damage. Common remedies for damage at this level is to dry the area out and kill the mold with a spray.

Stage 2

Stage 2 water damage typically manifests itself as bubbled, peeling paint or humps in your flooring and ceiling. This is a strong indication that the water damage is much more serious than you can see. Restoration at this point requires the damage contractor to pull away from the affected areas and look for any more damage underneath. Fortunately, all of these areas can be individually restored and replaced without affecting surrounding structures.

Stage 3

By now, the water damage has become extremely serious. Your ceilings and floors will “squish” when touched. There are likely discolorations where the water damage has begun rotting through the structures in your home. It will begin doing so with insulation and wood. The restoration process at this point requires pulling apart more than just the damaged areas because water has collected and pooled more thoroughly.

Stage 4

By far, this is the worst possible level of water damage. Ceilings and walls have rotted completely and fallen inward in sheets and chunks. You can smell the rot. Floors are incredibly dangerous to walk on, and people can fall through. Your home has to be gutted before it can be properly restored. If it is bad enough, your home may be condemned and pronounced unlivable. 

As you can see, the seriousness of water damage in your home can vary greatly. Whether the damage in your home is stage 1 or all the way to stage 4, the best thing you can do is contact a certified cleaning and restoration company as soon as possible. ERX in the Henderson is one such company ready to respond to any water damage emergency you may have day or night.

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