Five Common Causes of Sewage Damage in Las Vegas

Sewage damageSewage Cleanup Las Vegas, Sewage Damage Las Vegas, Sewage Damage Cleanup Las Vegas is one of the grossest and most destructive forms of home damage that can occur. There are several different things that can cause this type of damage to occur. It’s important that you know what those are so you can work to prevent them from happening to you. However, if you do suffer from the effects of sewer damage to your home, know that ERX Emergency Restoration in the Las Vegas area is here for you to handle any and all of your sewage damage needs. Below are five of the most common facts that lead to sewer damage in your home.

Solid Flushes

Solid flushes are any objects flushed into your sewage system that do not decompose. For example, garbage, toys, and diapers are common items that commonly get stuck in people’s sewer systems and cause their plumbing to back up. This could occur in your home or on the line that links your home to the city main.

Root Infiltration

Another very common cause of sewage backup is when tree roots enter into the sewer lines at joint points. At those joint points, if they enter in they will continue to grow and spread throughout the sewer line. This inevitably leads to sewer backup and damage. Sewer pipes can also be cracked and broken by growing tree roots which can lead to even more problems.

Structural Defects

Structural defects most often occur over time rather than being caused by one big event. Therefore, it’s important to always be on guard and know that disasters like this can happen unexpectedly. Some of the common structural defects that happen to underground pipes are misalignment, holes, or cracks. This can lead to sewage overflow, and if it is significant enough, sewer damage in your home.

City Sewer Backup or Surge

A backup in the city sewer can occur causing wastewater to overflow into the low opening of the line. This is most likely to affect your basement if you have one. It may also come out through toilets and drains in your home.

Contaminated Floodwater

If your home is ever flooded, you should take care to ensure that the floodwater wasn’t contaminated, bringing in any sewage or hazardous bacteria with it. Even if you can’t clearly see any sewage in the floodwater, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any. Be very cautious around it and take care to wear the necessary protective clothing so you don’t get sick.

Hopefully, sewer damage is never something you have a run-in within your home. If you do, though, it is most likely a result of one of these five causes mentioned above. Do what you can to alleviate the damage, but at the end of the day, the best option is to call in professionals for help. At ERX Emergency Restoration, we have qualified professionals ready to handle all the heavy lifting of a sewage spill in your home for you.

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