Water Damage and Mold in Las Vegas

water damage las vegasMoisture of any kind is bad enough, but when a flood attacks the home or a plumbing disaster occurs, always contact a Certified Water Restoration Technician in Las Vegas, Nevada to get rid of the problem. The reason to always contact a certified technician is because moisture gives pathogens areas to grow. Even within 48 hours, mold may be present. The professionals will ensure that the family can return to their home worry-free, so the family isn’t dealing with deadly pathogens.

Moisture in Your Home is Bad News

Homeowners know that moisture is always the enemy, especially to a home. Moisture is capable and takes advantage any space. Water gets into every little crack and structural problem. No matter what way moisture gets into the building, the response should be the same. Never over think calling a certified restoration firm, and call as soon as possible. The professionals will come in quickly and clean the home, dry it, and ensure that there are no health threats once the professionals remove the moisture.

Dirty water contains all sorts of deadly and harmful substances, such as chemical residues to animal feces to parasites. Contaminated fluids allow bacteria, viruses, and fungi to grow intensively, creating severe health risks. Health risks include salmonella and hepatitis. Floods and sewage backflows contain a deadly mixture of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Even if the water gets in contact with the skin, it could leave the person very ill. Professionals also have the tools and equipment to eliminate and completely remove moisture, leaving the building free of harm. Any organic materials that have been soaked with the contaminated water will have to be destroyed.

Proper Mold Removal Requires Certain Equipment

The equipment and tools that the certified technicians have are very updated and have high-performance work. The equipment includes powerful vacuums and pumping systems, dehumidifiers, moisture meters, high volume air movers, a high number of detergents formulated to destroy fungi and other microbial threats, and heat injectors. As technicians work on the rest of the building, disposing of compromised materials, and drying the rest. They then destroy all mold and microbial colonies, ensuring the home/building is safe to live in or work in. Not calling a cleaning restoration company to come clean the area is a dangerous gamble.

An inspection of the building with moisture meters will allow the certified technicians to know exactly where the moisture is located. Coming across the moisture, the technicians will pump out any standing water and then begin the drying process. The drying process includes the heavy air movers and generally takes several days to complete the process. If the professionals come fast enough, they will be able to save flooring and drywall, but if the flooring and drywall contain at least 25 to 50 percent of their weight in moisture, saving it may not be possible. During drying, professionals will also test for various kinds of microbes and destroy any found using very powerful antimicrobials and fungicides.

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