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What Makes a Good Restoration Expert?

slider_two-1000x450There are a lot of companies out there today claiming to do the same things ERX Las Vegas does: fire damage restoration, flood cleanup, mold removal, asbestos removal, contents cleaning, and so on. With so many options out there, how do you know you’re choosing the right company to repair your home or business? And how do you know they are truly experts in restoration, and not just a contractor looking to cut corners and make a few bucks?

The very best way weed out the bad apples is to know how to interview and choose the right company for the job. You cannot be afraid to ask hard questions or walk away from a company that you just do not feel right about. Trusting your gut and instincts is the first step. You should be innately comfortable with the crew that is going to be working in your home, the project manager, the adjuster … everyone involved in the situation. It is stressful enough when disaster strikes your home or business without also worrying about the company doing the restoration work.

So when you go to weed out the bad apples, here are some things to consider or ask about:

Customer Testimonials

 Word of mouth is often the best marketing technique for good companies! At ERX, we aim to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers, so they will tell others about us. So ask around to your family and friends for possible recommendations. Also, take a look on a company’s social media pages for comments and feedback. However, keep in mind someone just having a bad day might decide to go off on a contractor without good reason – and there are two sides to every story. If there is a contractor you like, but see a concerning comment or review somewhere, just ask them about it!

Also, check licenses and BBB complaints. You can go to the Better Business Bureau’s website and easily find if any contractors have had unresolved customer complaints.


 This is almost a no-brainer with just about any service provider coming to your home. Technicians should be insured not only for safety reasons but also for liability in case an accident happens in your home!

Thorough Paperwork

 Obviously estimates are just that – estimates – and can change as the job changes, but unfortunately gone are the days of agreeing to thinks verbally. Having at least a broad outline on paper of the work being done in your home will save you a headache later, and help you call out a company that might cut corners.

Proper Permits

 Permits are not optional, but some contractors might try to tell you otherwise. Doing a home improvement or restoration project without the right permits can violate local ordinances and open you up to fines and a heap of trouble! Legitimate contractors are easily able to get the right permits from the right entities because they work with the organizations every single day.

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