Sewage Damage: How it Occurs and How to Clean It Up

sewage cleanupSewage problems. No one wants to think about it. No one wants to make to talk about it, but no one EVER wants to have to clean it up. It can be expensive, dangerous, and just flat out gross. Sewage damage can occur in many different ways so it is important that preventative measures are taken and that you know how to respond in case of an emergency.

How Does it Happen?

Toilet or bathtub seepage

Wax gaskets around toilets and bathtubs should regularly be inspected. These gaskets are prone to deteriorate or break over time. Experts recommend they are inspected at least semi-annually. Careful maintenance over time could save you thousands in the long run.

Broken pipes

While the majority of problems occur with pipes bursting or breaking, damage can occur gradually as well if your pipes are deteriorating or leaking at all. Pipe blockage is one of the main causes of broken pipes. Excess sewage or foreign materials can build up in pipes and cause them to burst or start leaking.

Flood water and storms

Sewage backup tends to be most severe when local bodies of water flood from excessive rainwater. These instances can lead to city-wide sewage problems.  If problems of this magnitude occur, contact your local government to understand what is already being done to take care of the sewage spills. It is also important to immediately look to professionals to prevent further damage and protect the safety of all those affected. Issues like this are too involved and too hazardous to handle on your own

What Can I Do About It?

Is the affected area safe to enter?

Sewage can be very hazardous to health. It can cause many diseases; some of the more notable being hepatitis, salmonella, the tapeworm parasite, and trachoma. With that in mind, it is crucial that before any action is taken that the area is safe to enter and necessary health precautions are taken.

Damage control

When critical situations with sewage damage arise, actions must be taken quickly to prevent as much damage as possible. Make sure to immediately stop flushing toilets and turn off any running water. Also, take care to discard any contaminated objects in the building before they can contaminate anything else. Another important thing to do is to ventilate the building as much as possible. If weather permits, open the windows and doors to decrease humidity and prevent mold growth.

Contact professionals for help ASAP

Situations involving sewage damage should never be handled by anyone on their own.  It is very hazardous to health and incredibly difficult to clean. Here at ERX Emergency Restoration Experts we are well equipped to help when these types of situations arise. Located in Las Vegas, we have employees working around the clock to respond to any type of sewage damage issues you may face. We understood how important is to respond to these problems swiftly and tie up any loose ends to prevent future problems and keep you and your loved

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