The Importance of Responding Quickly to Water Damage

water damage repairIn today’s busy world, time is hard to come by. It seems like no matter how productive we are, we always need another hour in our day. Time is our friend. We always need more of it. When dealing with water damage, however, time is the enemy. Less is more. Responding quickly and efficiently to water damage is key to preventing further damage and complication. As soon as disaster strikes, time is of the essence. If your Las Vegas home incurs water damage, knowing how to respond is critical. Take a look at these tips and tricks to follow when forced to respond quickly to water damage.

1. Stop the Water

Hopefully this sounds obvious, but when you find a leaking or burst pipe in a building, turn off the water source. If you aren’t sure where your water supply shutoff valve is, find it. If you have children, educate them as well. Simply shutting off the water supply line can save hundreds of dollars in repair and will prevent hundreds of gallons of water from filling your home.

2. Assess the area

After shutting off the water, perform an analysis of the damaged area to ensure safety. Check for loose wires, exposure to electricity, dark colored water, and other immediate threats. If you spot any of these, do not come in contact with the water. Circumstances like this necessitate a professional water damage repair crew. A do-it-yourself approach is not worth your physical health and safety. If your Las Vegas home is in need of water damage repair, give us a call. Our technicians are trained to provide an efficient, thorough response to your home to beat the hindrance of time.

3. Document the Damage

An often overlooked step in cleaning up from water damage is providing documentation. To submit a claim you your insurance company for covered losses, evidence is needed. Quickly snap some pictures on your phone of the damage to speed up the process of filing a claim. Never throw anything out without documentation.

4. Beware of Mold

In some instances, homeowners will forego professional assistance to save money and hassle. Unfortunately, this often results in mold. When water seeps into miniscule cracks and crevices, it lingers behind walls, under floorboards, and behind baseboard trimming. Eventually mold begins to form. If you are suspicious of mold in your home, give us a call. Mold can cause severe respiratory sickness and decay your home.

5. Hire an expert

A water damage restoration company will have the training, tools, and experience to restore your home back to normal as fast as possible. Even if a small leak is minor enough to handle in-house, it’s wise to have a professional validate your work. Excess moisture can soak into ceiling panels, floors, walls, and other unseen places. Confirming the area is safe and back to normal can give you the assurance that no negative repercussions will occur over time.

At Emergency Restoration Experts in Las Vegas, we work to provide quality work to eliminate the stress of water damage repairs. We work to respond rapidly to provide relief to you and your family. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and guarantee a 45-minute response time. If you suspect water damage, give our team a call today!

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