Smoke Damage in Las Vegas


Fires can cause major damage to homes and belongings in Las Vegas. When the fire is out the damage can still get worse. The after fire activities can cause more damage if not dealt with properly. It is important to take immediate and appropriate action. Carpets, curtains, furniture and clothing can usually be refurbished after a fire.

Fire creates two types of smoke damage – the invisible odor and the visible soot. Each fire is different and there are different guidelines in removing soot and odor for each unique situation. Smoke odor from wood can react differently to certain cleaning products than smoke odor from metals. It can be extremely difficult for inexperienced home owners to room smoke odors and soot without professional assistance or advice.

Although it is natural for property owners to want to clean their home or building and their belongings on their own we recommend that you call ERX Emergency Restoration before trying to remove soot and smoke odors on your own. We can make an expert assessment and recommend procedures that will best protect your property.


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