Hiring the Right Fire and Flood Restoration Service in Las Vegas

ERX |Water Damage Experts  Las VegasAfter a fire or water damage, many homeowners are unexpectedly faced with having to find and hire a fire and flood restoration service—and quick. Smoke from fires and water from water damage will continue to cause more damage the longer the situation is not resolved, raising repair costs and reducing the possibility of saving some items.

But how does someone who has never worked with a fire and water damage restoration company decide who to hire, and ensure that company is qualified and has the necessary training and certification to handle your situation?

Develop a List of Questions

Before making any calls, create a list of questions that are important to you and that will help you measure their experience with your type of damage. Ask basic questions about their business—what certifications they hold, what training and education their technicians receive, whether they are licensed to perform renovation work, and if they are bonded and insured.

You may also want to ask questions specific to the damage to your home. Certain building materials require different techniques of cleaning and restoration, and you will want to know if the company you hire has experience dealing with those types of materials. Historic homes may have additional obstacles to overcome unique to your situation.

Keep in mind that you want to hire the company that is most qualified to handle your fire and water damage. This is your decision—you do not have to choose a company suggested by your insurance company, but if you don’t know where to begin, their list can be a great starting point.

Identify Fire and Water Damage Companies in Las Vegas

After you know what questions to ask, you can start making calls. Identify a few fire and water damage restoration services in Las Vegas by asking friends or neighbors, or asking your insurance agent. Remember that you will be trusting your home and belongings to this company, and it’s always best to work from referrals. ERX Emergency Restoration Experts is happy to provide past customers for you to call.

Legitimate fire and water damage restoration services, such as ERX will have a live person answer the phone every time it rings, whether it is 2 p.m. on a Sunday or 3 a.m. on Tuesday. Don’t hesitate to call—fire and water damage is an emergency and it is imperative that restoration work begins as soon as possible to mitigate further damage.

Criteria for Hiring a Fire and Water Damage Company in Las Vegas

Contact each company on your list, ask questions and take notes for each one. Remember to ask about their specific qualifications, certifications and training as it relates to the type of damage your home has suffered.

Hire the fire and water damage restoration company that is the most qualified and has previous experience with damage similar to your home. You will need to make a quick decision, but being organized can help you sort out the bad seeds from the truly reputable companies that will do a great job restoring your home.

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